Hello Neighbor, a stealth horror video game still in its early access phase, challenges players to covertly investigate the house of their mysterious new neighbor to uncover secrets concealed within the basement.

Hello Neighbor

  • Olivia McCrorie
The gameplay involves solving intricate puzzles while remaining undetected by the neighbor, who will pursue the player upon discovery. The house is fraught with dangers such as snares, spikes, and pits that prove deadly upon misstep.

Accessibility to certain areas often requires keys, and without them, players may need to retreat and strategize alternative entry methods. The game boasts significant replay value due to its diverse array of gameplay approaches and the continuous opportunity to discover novel elements within the game. Initially launched for MS Windows on December 8, 2017, the objective of Hello Neighbor is not solely to explore but ultimately to prevent the neighbor's escape by successfully unveiling and confronting the dark secrets lurking in the depths of the basement.


The player must conduct a covert investigation of the neighbor's residence to uncover the secrets concealed within the basement. This requires stealthy navigation throughout the premises, evading the neighbor's notice, and steering clear of the watchful eyes of security cameras. Direct interaction with the neighbor or the environment is prohibited. In order to keep tabs on the neighbor's movements, the use of a designated instrument to create an aperture in the wall is necessary. Depending on the game variant, the player has access to an assortment of tools to facilitate their exit from the house.


The visuals of this game are relatively straightforward, featuring the player character, the neighbor, and various objects within the house. Additionally, the graphical tone is predominantly dim.

Information about replayability

This game offers a considerable level of replayability due to the multiple escape routes available to the player from the house.


The Hello Neighbor is a horror with a focus on stealth, tasking players with the challenge of infiltrating their neighbor's residence to uncover the secrets lurking in the basement. The journey is fraught with puzzles to decipher and multiple dangers scattered around the premises, such as cunning traps, sharp spikes, and perilous pits which pose fatal risks upon falling into them. Occasionally, players encounter doors that necessitate keys to unlock; lacking the correct key means retreating to the start to seek alternative entry methods. The game offers various strategies for progression, ensuring that each playthrough reveals fresh discoveries.

  • The game is a stealth horror game
  • The game has a lot of replayability
  • The gameplay is really fun
  • There are many different puzzles to solve
  • The graphics are really well done
  • The house is really detailed
  • The neighbor is really creepy
  • The game crashes sometimes
  • It's a little bit too dark
  • You can get lost easily
  • The neighbor seems to be a little bit too creepy