Poppy Playtime is a first-person horror puzzle game. The game puts you in the shoes of a former employee who goes to a creepy abandoned toy factory in search of his missing comrades.

Poppy Playtime

  • Alexander Jameson
Although the game was released recently, it has already established itself among fans of horror games.


Poppy Playtime is straightforward but powerful. You use a device called the Grabpack to cooperate with objects and complete puzzles. The puzzles are not too challenging, but enough to keep you interested. In addition, you also have to investigate the different parts of the factory and look for cassettes that will open up the secrets of the Corporation. You will never be alone in the game, as the giant blue creature is constantly following you.


Poppy Playtime has bright and colorful graphics. The graphics are simple and easy to understand, making the game suitable even for young children. The levels are well-designed, and the obstacles are clearly visible. The characters are also nicely animated.

The game is high quality and provides a great first-person perspective. The various toys and the innocent style give the game a unique touch. The atmosphere is spooky and will make you anxious or give you a false sense of calm.


Poppy Playtime is simple and easy to learn. Swiping the screen to make Poppy jump is all that is needed to play the game. The player uses the WASD keys to move, and the mouse interacts with the environment. The game can be played with either a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad. The system operates smoothly, and the controls are highly reactive.


The replayability of the game is not very high, but you can collect all the tapes and find all the secrets that are hidden in the game world. Children can play the game over and over again and never get bored. 


Poppy Playtime is a fun and challenging puzzle game. It is well-designed and has replay value. The game commands are straightforward and quick to master. While the game doesn't consume a lot of time, it has intriguing replayability. If you're looking for a scary game, Poppy Playtime is a great choice for you.

  • The game is appropriate for all ages
  • The gameplay is straightforward to learn and comprehend
  • The game includes a helpful tutorial to get players started
  • The game can be finished quickly and does not require a long period to complete
  • The game's duration is quite brief and it lacks substantial re-playability