Stumble Guys is a unique and challenging multiplayer party game that pits different players against each other in a series of escalating chaos.

Stumble Guys

  • Olivia McCrorie
It brings the fun of a classic stomp-and-tumble game to the modern age, offering endless running fun and hilarity. Featuring up to 32 players online and a series of bizarre obstacles, Stumble Guys promises to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Graphics and Visuals

Stumble Guys boasts colorful and exciting visuals. The characters and environments are detailed and vibrant, and the game looks great even on smaller screens. The cartoonish art style fits the theme perfectly and helps create a fun and lively atmosphere. The game’s physics engine ensures that the physics effects are realistic, allowing all obstacles to appear believable, while the animation gives the characters a unique, exaggerated feel. 


Stumble Guys features a plethora of exciting features, offering loads of fun. There are several levels of escalating chaos for players to tackle, ensuring that the game remains challenging and rewarding. The game also has various power-ups and bonuses, such as Invincibility Pads, Gravity Walls, and Teleporters, to keep players entertained. Additionally, the game offers alternative game modes, leaderboards, and rewards, adding even more to the overall gaming experience. 

My Impressions

I have had a blast so far while playing Stumble Guys. The game is highly enjoyable and great for solo and social play. The levels and obstacles are challenging and require strategic thinking to succeed. I like that the game also has a selection of custom game modes to choose from. The vibrant visuals really bring the game to life and make it an even more enjoyable experience. 


Stumble Guys is an engaging and exciting multiplayer party game that offers endless fun. The fast-paced gameplay, unique obstacles, and various game modes make it a must-play experience. Stumble Guys is sure to deliver whether you’re looking for a solo game or something to play with friends.

  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Variety of levels, obstacles, and game modes
  • Intuitive control scheme
  • Quick matchmaking
  • Supports up to 32 players online.
  • Long wait times in matchmaking
  • Lag issues in online play.