Gang Beasts is a fighting game in which the players beat each other up in a variety of surreal and weird environments. All the players in the game control a gangster, who can move around the stage in any direction.

Gang Beasts

  • Olivia McCrorie
The player can punch and kick in any direction, and perform a variety of combo attacks by pressing a sequence of buttons. One can also use different objects in the environment, such as knives, hammers, and even the other players themselves. The main goal of the game is to knock out all the other players. Gang Beasts is a multiplayer fighting game with up to four players. The goal of the game is to knock opponents off the stage or into other opponents. Fight other gang members to become the gang leader.


The gameplay is pretty simple, and the player only needs to remember a few controls. The game consists of up to four players fighting each other. The first player to win two rounds is crowned the gang leader. Players can use their fists to attack opponents. They can also throw opponents off the stage, or into opponents. The game is played in an arena where it is the player's goal to become king of the hill. The king of the hill is determined by whoever is at the top of the hill at the end of the round. The game consists of four rounds, with the number of players in each round being two, three, four, and ten respectively. During the rounds, the player has to knock other players off the hill in order to become king of the hill.


Graphics in the game are cartoonish and surreal. The stages consist of a variety of environments, such as a kitchen, a toy store, and a construction site. The player can choose from a variety of different characters, such as a gorilla, a clown, and even a flying seagull. One can also add a variety of objects to the stage, such as a bumpy floor, a huge vat of sticky liquid, and a rocket that shoots off into the distance.

Information about replayability

Gang Beasts is a one-player game and it is not possible to play against other players. One can, however, play against the computer. The goal of the game is to knock out all the other players, so it is not possible to win by any other means. Once all the other players have been knocked out, the player has to do a victory dance to celebrate.


Gang beasts is a cartoon-like fighting game about 2-10 players. The game is played with two virtual sticks, one for each player's left and right, to move around in the arena. The player can jump with the right or left button, or perform a special move by pressing both buttons at the same time. The player can also pick up various objects in the arena to throw at other players, or to use as a weapon.

  • Great for players who enjoy fighting games
  • Players can choose to be one of four gang members
  • The game is easy to learn
  • The game can be played either locally or online
  • Players can use their fists to attack opponents
  • Players can throw opponents off the stage or into opponents
  • Online connections can be unreliable
  • The game can be very difficult to learn
  • The game can sometimes lag
  • The game is not available on all devices
  • The game is very difficult to find