Among Us is a collective gaming experience that features elements of survival. The game is set aboard a spacecraft. The objective is to remain alive for the longest duration while seeking out the individual who intends to harm you fatally.

Among Us

  • Olivia McCrorie
You can play Among Us in cooperative mode or in split-screen mode. The minimum number of players required to start the game is four, and the maximum is 10. In order to fully enjoy the game, a stable internet connection is required. Among Us is an online game where players navigate a spacecraft to outlast each other. It is playable with as many as ten participants, with the objective being to remain alive while identifying the impostor. The game is not free and offers different purchasable DLCs.


The game uses top view and cartoonish graphics. The graphics are nicely detailed. However, Among Us is not very colorful. There are not many locations and rooms which are very dark. Nevertheless, you can see the objects and distinguish players.


The game features engaging gameplay. From the outset, the game is conceived for the participation of numerous players and necessitates a stable online connection to operate correctly. The minimum number of players required to start the game is four, and the maximum is ten. All players begin the game aboard a spaceship, with one impostor tasked with eliminating the others without being detected. It is hard to do because you’ll need to act undercover and convince everyone that you’re not the impostor. Other participants must accomplish objectives to remain alive. However, if the impostor eliminates a member of the crew, the eliminated individual turns into a ghost. As a ghost, you cannot talk to others. However, you can help them to complete the tasks.


The controls in AU are pretty intuitive and simple. The game's static nature makes it easy to play. Nevertheless, it's crucial to focus on the minutiae and take heed of what others communicate to you. Among Us allows you to play in cooperative game mode or via split-screen function. A split screen allows you to divide your screen into several parts so other players can play.


It will be interesting to replay Among Us because each match is unique and can have different endings. In addition, players are able to purchase various DLCs that will help them diversify the gameplay. For example, you can purchase new maps and play there. The goal remains the same, although the environment will change.


The Among Us is a nice multiplayer game with survival elements. If you're looking to pass the time, you'll enjoy playing it. Downloading Among Us is a great option.