FIFA Soccer is a soccer video game developed by EA. It is currently available for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and Microsoft Windows. FIFA Soccer is a soccer video game.

FIFA Soccer

  • Alexander Jameson
It is designed with attention to the latest rules and regulations of the game, and includes over 800 of the most famous soccer teams. Players progress through the game by participating in soccer matches, and the game is won by either scoring the most points for the time period, or by scoring more points in regulation time.

Gameplay in FIFA is very realistic, with the game play being more tactical than in other sports games. The game is split up into many different game modes, each with its own game play style. These modes include Kick Off, the most basic game mode, which is a single game with no time limit. FIFA Soccer 12 also includes Career Mode, which is similar to Madden's Franchise Mode, where the player can play as a coach, manager, assistant manager, or player. The player can also play the game in Manager Mode, where the player manages the team with the help of an assistant manager. For the first time in the series, the player can also take control of the team in Be A Pro Mode, in which the player is a single player on the field.


The graphics are pleasing. The players are well-animated, and the stadiums are well-designed. The game features various camera angles, allowing the player to get a good view of the game. FIFA Soccer offers a wide variety of graphics for players to customize their experience. Players can choose from a variety of kits, club badges, and goal celebrations.


FIFA Soccer is a very replayable game. It features many modes of play, which can provide hours of play, and the player can try different strategies to play the game. In order to replay the game, players have the option of playing the Career Mode and trying to achieve a different goal. Playable teams and leagues can be unlocked and playable stadiums can be added.


There are many different games on the market, but few compare to the addicting game FIFA Soccer. Dubbed "The Beautiful Game," it is one of the most popular sports around the world. FIFA Soccer is not only the most popular game of soccer, but also one of the most popular games in general.

  • The game is realistic
  • It is very, very playable
  • The game has many modes of play
  • It is a great game for soccer fans
  • The graphics are well-done
  • The game has a good replay value
  • The game is very fun
  • It can be difficult to get used to the controls
  • The game can sometimes be repetitive
  • The game is sometimes difficult
  • It may be difficult to play for someone who doesn't like soccer
  • Players may not like the game if they are used to playing modern soccer games
  • The game can be slow
  • The game can be glitchy