Google Search and Maps Now Will Show Abortion Providers Labels

  • Alexander Jameson
Google Search and Maps Now Will Show Abortion Providers Labels

As Roe vs. Vade gets overturned, it inevitable affects tech giants, especially the way they deal with private data and recommendations. In the wake of the decision taken by the Supreme Court, Google has to provide better access to abortion resources. Now, both Google Search and Google Maps will clearer show abortion clinics and mark them as such.

The reason behind this change is partly the direct speech addressed to tech giants by the lawmakers. The problem they saw was in a certain confusion that Google used to allow. When someone searched for an abortion center, the return included the results related to crisis pregnancy centers. These were just the contrary of what these users (usually women) wanted to find. Indeed, these centers could be run by anti-abortion activists, which can lead to unpredictable results.

With Roe v. Vade overturned and anti-abortionists backed by authorities more than before, it’s crucial for those searching for the place to make an abortion not to get elsewhere instead. Google has to respond to this request by both citizens and politicians, and the change now can be seen on Google Maps.

Now, the health organizations that Google maps shows in return to your request will be labeled. The labels will be as simple and binary and possible: “Provides abortions” and “Does not provide abortions”. This will make it impossible for someone searching for an abortion (the woman herself or her representative) to make a mistake and visit some other health organization instead. The results from such organizations, though, will still be shown. This will prevent ruling out some reproductive health clinics that do offer support and medical care to those seeking an abortion.

There is much to discuss about this change. We know how controversial our views on the matter may be. Nevertheless, welcome to the comments and tell us what you think necessary to tell!