Top Tricks for Getting Ahead in Among Us

  • Olivia McCrorie
Top Tricks for Getting Ahead in Among Us

Perfecting Your Poker Face

Whether you're the imposter or a crewmate, mastering a poker face is critical in Among Us. As an imposter, you need to lie convincingly and deny any accusations without arousing suspicion. Similarly, crewmates must also keep a neutral demeanor to avoid becoming a target. Practicing your poker face in real-life situations can significantly improve your gameplay.

Memorize the Map

Knowledge of the game's map can give you a significant advantage. Familiarize yourself with the layout, tasks, vent locations, and timing for each section. This knowledge allows you to create solid alibis as an imposter or quickly suss out inconsistencies in others' stories as a crewmate.

Among Us game

Master Your Tasks

For crewmates, speed and efficiency in completing tasks are key. Knowing the quickest ways to navigate the map and complete tasks can save precious time. As an imposter, familiarity with tasks is crucial for creating convincing lies about your whereabouts.

Use Emergency Meetings Wisely

A strategically called emergency meeting can turn the tide of the game. Use these sparingly but effectively to cast doubt on suspicious players or to reset the cooldown. However, misuse can cast suspicion on yourself, so tread carefully.

Keep an Eye on Cameras and Admin

Security cameras and the admin panel are powerful tools for information. Keeping an eye on these can give you insights into other players' movements, helping to identify suspicious behavior or confirm alibis for both crewmates and impostors.

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Create a Convincing Alibi

As an imposter, having a convincing alibi can make or break your game. Position yourself near other players and pretend to engage in tasks to build trust. Remember the details of your fake tasks and locations, as inconsistency can raise suspicion.

Stick Together or Strategically Split

Traveling in groups can deter an imposter from making a move, but splitting up can be necessary to efficiently complete tasks. The key is knowing when to stick together and when to split up, balancing the risk of becoming a target with the need to win the game.

Use Sabotages Effectively

Sabotages are a powerful tool for imposters to divide the crew and create opportunities for murders. Timing and location are crucial; a well-timed sabotage can send crewmates scrambling away, leaving others isolated and vulnerable.

Among Us

For imposters, managing the murder cooldown is a crucial aspect of timing your moves. Engaging in sabotage, blending in with the crew, and creating alibis should all be timed around this cooldown to maximize effectiveness and reduce suspicion.

Analyze Player Behavior

Players often exhibit patterns in their behavior. Paying attention to how individuals play different roles can give you insights into their current roles. Suspicious behavior like avoiding tasks, over-defending oneself, or being overly accusatory can be telltale signs of an imposter.