Halo Infinite Transitions from Seasons to New "Operations" Model with Free Content

  • Alexander Jameson
Halo Infinite Transitions from Seasons to New "Operations" Model with Free Content

343 Industries is charting a new course for Halo Infinite by replacing its traditional seasonal model with shorter "Operations." As announced by the studio's community director, Brian Jarrard, these new updates are designed to keep the game's content fresh without the need for a campaign expansion in 2024. The first glimpse into this reimagined approach is the January 30 update, which includes a suite of free features bringing joy to the online community.

The update, referred to as Content Update 29 or "CU29," is 343's initial step into a series of smaller, more frequent content drops, shifting away from the previously planned Season 6. This change eliminates the game's controversial paid battle pass system, offering gamers an enticing package of 20 tiers filled with new acquisitions, including cosmetics like armor, emblems, and coatings, at no cost. 

Replacing the 100-tier battle pass, these Operations will span 4 to 6 weeks, a period that allows players to delve into new content without feeling rushed. This strategy deviates from the past permanent battle passes, which some players preferred for their longevity. Despite this, 343 Industries is providing players with the option to purchase these Operations for around 500 credits (equivalent to $5.00) for those who wish to access and complete the content without time constraints.

Amidst the introduction of this new format, there are concerns over the possibility of 343 scaling back support for Halo Infinite. However, the studio has positioned these regular updates as a solution to the shortcomings of the previous seasons in terms of content delivery. Following the addition of Season 5's Firefight and the innovative player contributions to Forge mode, Halo Infinite appears to be more robust and comprehensive than ever.

As the future of Halo unfolds with these upcoming changes, it's an open question whether this signifies an end or a new beginning for the series. For now, fans can anticipate the rollout of the inaugural Operation, "Spirit of Fire," coming at the end of January, and look forward to a year brimming with new experiences in Halo Infinite.