Master the Market: A Definitive Guide on Selling Items in Starfield

  • Alexander Jameson
Master the Market: A Definitive Guide on Selling Items in Starfield

Prepare for a deep dive into the financial galaxy of Starfield, your guide to amassing a fortune through selling and trading effectively. With the right knowledge, you'll never feel the sting of a bad deal again!

Step 1: Finding the Right Merchant

Finding the Right Merchant

Patience, dear explorer! Just because you've found an abundant stash of unique resources doesn't mean you should instantly trade them away. It's crucial to find a suitable merchant first - and not every merchant is willing to buy all types of goods. Plan your colorfully cosmic cargo according to the requirements of these spacefaring salespeople. Remember, you can only sell from what you carry or from your ship's cargo holds. Your companions might be reliable adventurers, but sadly, you cannot sell their inventory directly.

Step 2: How to Sell Items

Now that you've found your merchant, it's time to sell. Start a conversation with the trader and choose to see their wares. Here's the magic part - press the LB button (on Xbox) or the Q key (on PC) to summon your Sell screen. Tap the same button again to pull from your ship's inventory. Isn't streamlining inventory management handy?

Got Stolen Goods or Contraband?

Fearsome scoundrel, you will find sanctuary in Starfield. Whether it's a merchant who asks no questions or the Trade Authority that doesn't blink an eye at your questionable items - you're covered. To unload these items, you'll need to head to locations like the Trade Authority in the well area of New Atlantis. Just remember, no cargo can be too hot for the right buyer.

Step 3: Increase Profits With the Commerce Skill

Increase Profits With Commerce Skill

Trading is an art, and like any artist, you need your tools. In Starfield, the Commerce skill is a must-have for anyone serious about trading. It magnifies the value you get from items and haggles down the price of purchases. Starting off with a 5% purchase discount and a 10% sale profit boost, it can climb up to a whopping 25% increase in sale price and a 20% discount on purchases at level 4. It's the key to unlocking good fortunes in Starfield!

Step 4: Choose the Best Vendor to Sell

The vast universe of Starfield offers immense sales opportunities, but not all are created equal. Depending on your item type, the potential vendors vary. Places like the Jemison Mercantile in the Spaceport area of New Atlantis happily accept a variety of goods, making them ideal for general sales. Hope for a prosperous journey, brave explorer! With this guide, the market of Starfield will be a place of profit rather than peril. Happy trading!