The Adventurer's Handbook: Unleashing Your Potential in Remnant 2 - How to Unlock all Archetypes

  • Alexander Jameson
The Adventurer's Handbook: Unleashing Your Potential in Remnant 2 - How to Unlock all Archetypes

Remnant 2 is a rich universe teeming with various character classes known as "Archetypes," all waiting to be harnessed. Your starting class is merely a springboard into this wide array of options, as you can complement your primary with a secondary Archetype whenever you satisfy the required threshold. This handbook will guide you through unlocking all of the Archetypes in this engaging game.

Unlocking the Summoner Archetype

Unlocking the Summoner Archetype

To control the Root creatures and command them to fight by your side with the Summoner Archetype, you'll need to find the Bloodmoon Altar following your victory over the Root Nexus. Here, you'll acquire the Faded Grimoire using Bloodmoon Essence, gathered from Yaesha. Head back to Ward 13 with your loot to trade it with Wallace for the Tome of the Bringer Engram and unlock the Summoner.

Unlocking the Explorer Archetype

As the name suggests, the Explorer Archetype requires completion of every challenge in the main story to unlock this elusive character class. Finish Remnant 2's main storyline, collect the Broken Compass, and then exchange it with Wallace for a Golden Compass. This will unlock the highly sought-after Explorer Archetype.

Unlocking the Challenger Archetype

To use the Challenger Archetype your first stop should be to acquire the necessary Engram from Reggie; find him chilling with Mudtooth. Purchase the Old Metal Tool from him and then head over to Wallace, fair exchange the tool for the Steel Enswell Engram. Voila, you now have the Challenger in your arsenal.

Unlocking the Alchemist Archetype

Unlocking Alchemist Archetype

The Alchemist, a master of elixirs, can be unlocked by exploring the world of Losomn. In the Morrow Parish's Dran slums, seek an object by a broken grate that will trigger an interesting sequence, leading to a beast's capture and a subsequent escape with a Mysterious Stone. Trade this stone with Wallace for the Philosopher's Stone Engram, thus securing access to the Alchemist Archetype.

Unlocking the Gunslinger Archetype

Unlocking the Gunslinger Archetype requires a bit of patience and progression through the main story. After exhausting Mudtooth's tales back in Ward 13, he'll present you with the Worn Cylinder. Turning this over to Wallace will reward you with the Iron Cylinder, unlocking the powerful Gunslinger Archetype.

Unlocking the Engineer Archetype

Unlocking the Engineer involves high-risk strategy in the toxic wastelands of N'Erud. Collect armor and an Alien Device from a lethal gas-ridden cliff edge, then hand it over to Wallace. In return, you'll receive the Drzyr Caliper, welcoming the Engineer Archetype to your ranks.

Unlocking the Hunter Archetype

Unlocking the Hunter Archetype

Unlocking the Hunter character class is as simple as visiting Brabus located in Ward 13. Purchase a Rusty Medal from him, hand it over to Wallace who will then hand you the Sniper War Medal Engram. Voila! The Hunter Archetype is yours to command.

Unlocking the Invader Archetype

Helping players become agile warriors, the Invader Archetype can be unlocked by obtaining the Dreamcatcher melee weapon found in Morrow Parish, Losomn. Use this weapon to extract the Walkers Dream from the Root Earth pod and prepare for a showdown with Bane. Defeat Bane to secure the Wooden Shiv, which Wallace can convert to the Root Blade Engram, unlocking the slippery Invader Archetype.

Unlocking the Medic Archetype

A lifesaver in the harsh world of Remnant 2, the Medic Archetype is unlocked by purchasing the Medic Pin from Dr. Norah, Ward 13's town doctor. Wallace then crafts the Caduceus Idol Engram from this item, opening the doors to the Medic Archetype for you.

Unlocking the Handler Archetype

Unlocking the Handler Archetype

The Handler is unlocked simply by visiting Mudtooth at Ward 13 and acquiring the Old Whistle from him. Wallace will convert this whistle into the Silver Whistle Engram, unlocking the Handler Archetype and its canine companion's abilities.

Unlocking the Archon Archetype

The Archon Archetype holds the title of the most challenging character class to unlock. This a trial for those who venture into the Corrupted Biome Portal in Labyrinth, obtain the Strange Box, and then exchange it with Wallace for the Hexahedron, your reward for conquering the game's toughest challenge.

Take these tips, the advice in this handbook, and unlock your full potential in Remnant 2. Unleash the full gamut of Archetypes to overcome every obstacle and become the master of your own game.