Fortnite Wilds Season Unveils Rideable Raptors and Transformers Collaboration

  • Olivia McCrorie
Fortnite Wilds Season Unveils Rideable Raptors and Transformers Collaboration

The highly anticipated Fortnite Wilds season is set to commence on June 9th, bringing a significant revamp to the Fortnite island. The latest season was introduced with a cinematic trailer during the Summer Game Fest Live, showcasing the exciting new features that players can look forward to in the coming weeks.

Among the major changes in the new season, Epic Games is dramatically transforming the island's landscape by collapsing its center and revealing a lush jungle teeming with life. Players will have the opportunity to ride colorful velociraptors and explore ancient ruins scattered throughout the terrain. Additionally, mud and vines will play an essential role in the gameplay during the Fortnite Wilds season.

Beyond the jungle theme, the latest season will also introduce a crossover collaboration with the Transformers franchise. The iconic Optimus Prime will make an appearance in the game, tying into the release of the new Transformers movie hitting theaters this week. Although there may not be an apparent connection between the jungle setting and the Transformers collaboration, fans are eagerly anticipating the fresh content and experiences this new season will offer.

Despite the surprising combination of themes and crossovers, Fortnite Wilds is expected to attract millions of players worldwide. Riding on the back of a raptor while donning an Optimus Prime skin should provide plenty of enjoyment and excitement for Fortnite fans. The new features and settings are sure to provide a fresh and exhilarating experience for both new and returning players.

With its continuous innovation and engaging collaborations, Fortnite shows no signs of slowing down. The Fortnite Wilds season promises to breathe new life into the already popular battle royale game, keeping players on their toes and craving more as they explore the revamped island and take advantage of the new opportunities it presents.