Popular Xbox 360 Controller to be Re-Released in June

  • Alexander Jameson
Popular Xbox 360 Controller to be Re-Released in June

Hyperkin has just announced that the iconic Xbox 360 controller will be re-released on the market in June 2023. This comes as a surprise to many gamers, as the console has been out of production since 2016, and its controller is highly sought after by hobbyists and collectors. 

The controller will be identical to the original, with an ergonomic design and a black-and-white color scheme. The main difference between the new model and the old one will be the updated wireless technology, which will enable it to be used with Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs. Additionally, the buttons will have a longer life span and improved accuracy when playing games.

The new controller will also feature two new "bumpers" at the top, which will enable users to customize the function of each button. Additionally, the joystick will have a textured surface for better grip and improved control. It will be compatible with all Xbox 360 games, as well as most Xbox One titles.

Many gamers have expressed their excitement over the announcement, as the Xbox 360 controller was widely praised for its comfortable ergonomics and easy-to-use design. It was also praised for its durability, as many gamers were able to keep theirs in good condition for years.

The Xbox 360 controller is set to be released in June 2023, giving gamers a chance to experience the classic controller once again. Whether you are a fan of the classic or just looking for a reliable controller for your gaming needs, the Xbox 360 controller is sure to be a great choice.