Among Us: Tips on Playing the Shapeshifter Role

  • Greg Burn
  • Nov 22, 2021
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Among Us: Tips on Playing the Shapeshifter Role

New Among Us roles are available now, and they shake up the game to surprise players with new abilities. This most recent update has brought significant changes to the gameplay, especially with the new Shapeshifter role for Imposter. The game now has a whole new layer of strategy along with new stuff worth exploring. Here are some tips and insights on how to play the new Among Us role.

How to Transform Safely?

Shapeshifter is a new role available for impostors, and some of the mechanics of shapeshifting can be changed by the lobby host. This role gives imposters more space for surprise attacks. Now you can take on the appearance of other crewmates, which imitates the player's nickname and character color. Moreover, the transformation has a certain time limit, which you always need to keep in your memory.

This ability is a great way to stay undetected during the game, but you should use it carefully. The shapeshifting leaves behind evidence, so it is worth finding a safe place to transform to the chosen player. The locations for a quick transition, like a vent nearby, are the best choice to quickly return to other crewmates.

The Best Strategy for Shapeshifter

Before the transformation time expires, you need to be able to use your ability effectively. An excellent strategy for an Impostor who changes form is to cause chaos and confuse other players. First, allow crewmates to place suspicion on their teammate. After that, turn into this player and kill your teammate so that everyone votes for them.

While the update adds a load of new content like cosmetics and unlockables to Among Us, the Shapeshifter role for the Imposter significantly changes the game rules. Have you already played as Shapeshifter? If your answer is no, you should definitely try it. Feel free to leave your comments below and share the article if you liked it.

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