Conquer Dragons with Gravel Stone: The Elden Ring Crafter’s Compendium

  • Alexander Jameson
Conquer Dragons with Gravel Stone: The Elden Ring Crafter’s Compendium

Embark on a journey through the perilous lands of the Elden Ring, where the mighty and majestic dragons once roamed. In these lands, the wise hunter knows that Gravel Stone is not merely a pebble underfoot but a resource pivotal to survival and triumph. Whether you seek to empower your weaponry or craft items of potent power, follow our encompassing guide to gather and utilize the elusive Gravel Stone to your adventuring advantage.

Step 1: Locating the Coveted Gravel Stone

Locating the Coveted Gravel Stone

To begin, intrepid traveler, you must seek the lands where dragons have left their indelible mark. With vigilant eyes and a bit of courage, the Gravel Stone is within grasp.

Dragonbarrow's Treacherous Domain

In the southern reaches of Caelid, Dragonbarrow awaits, scattered with the remains of dragons past and the presence of living embodiments of dragon might. Navigate this domain and collect Gravel Stones upon the harsh terrain where these creatures have fallen.

By the Shores of a Dragon’s Lake

To the south of the Divine Tower of Caelid lies a serene lake, a deceptive haven home to several dragons. Face these winged adversaries and be rewarded with the prized Gravel Stone nestled amidst the waters.

The Ruins of Leyndell

The Ruins of Leyndell

Leyndell, a city steeped in history, hosts a magnificent dragon's remains. Search beyond its wings and through the ruins for Gravel Stones secreted away by time itself.

Encounters with a Purveyor of Oddities

If the thrill of the hunt is not your calling, westward of Dragonbarrow, there resides a merchant eager to exchange Gravel Stones for a modest sum of runes. Convenient, yet costly.

Step 2: Mastering Gravel Stone Crafting

Securing Gravel Stones is but the first challenge. Transmute these jagged remnants into tools of dragon subjugation with a craftsman’s touch.

Dragonwound Grease: A Sharp Advantage

Enhance your weapon with Dragonwound Grease, a concoction that respects the dragon-slayer's art. Blend a Gravel Stone with Root Resin and Beast Blood, and for a precious minute, your blade will sing a song of 30% amplified harm against dragons – and even 20% more against the ancients of their breed.

Dragonwound Grease A Sharp Advantage

Ancient Dragonbolt Pot: Thunder's Embrace

The Ancient Dragonbolt Pot, a vessel of lightning wrath, demands respect and careful preparation. Seek out the hallowed Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook, and from within its pages, fuse together two Mushrooms, a Fulgurbloom, a Gravel Stone, and an Empty Ritual Pot for a consumable that hurls lightning itself upon your foes.

Embracing the Gravel Stone’s Potential

You now stand ready, with the wisdom to claim Gravel Stone and the acumen to wield it against the scaly behemoths that challenge your path. Gravel Stone will transform your endeavors from merely surviving encounters with dragons to asserting your might upon them. In the crucible of battle, these embodiments of stone and storm shall attest to your mastery over dragonkind in the Elden Ring.

Embrace the journey. Let neither flame nor claw deter you, for you are the hunter, the forger of destinies, armed with knowledge and the power of Gravel Stone. The Elden Ring awaits, and with it, your legend.