Redfall Co-Op Vampire Shooter Launch Price Revealed

  • Jan 24, 2023
  • Olivia Johnson
Redfall Co-Op Vampire Shooter Launch Price Revealed

Redfall, the highly anticipated co-op vampire shooter from developer Fireaxis, is set to launch this summer, and it looks like we finally have an idea of what the European launch price will be. Prominent leaker billbil-kun took to Twitter recently with their belief that Redfall would cost € 79.99 for the standard edition and € 29.99 extra for a Deluxe edition. 

The game has been generating quite a bit of hype since its announcement last year due in no small part to its unique blend of horror and action elements. With fast-paced gunplay combined with intense supernatural abilities, players are sure to get a unique experience unlike any other shooter out there. And while they'll certainly have plenty of content on offer at launch, fans may be disappointed with what's offered in the Deluxe Edition for such a hefty price increase. 

Fans can expect that there will be some bonuses included in the Deluxe Edition, but it's likely that most of these extras will just be cosmetic skins or other minor additions rather than major new features or pieces of content as one might expect from such an expensive upgrade package. Still, gamers shouldn't let this dissuade them from trying out Redfall if they're looking for something different when it releases later this year; even without deluxe edition perks, there's sure to be loads of content on offer at launch!  

Redfall looks set to bring something new and exciting into the zombie shooter genre when it launches later this summer - so whether you plan on picking up just the standard version or going all out for the Deluxe Edition, make sure you keep your eyes peeled!