App Store Today Tab and App Pages Start Showing Ads

  • Olivia McCrorie
App Store Today Tab and App Pages Start Showing Ads

Apple users have already gotten used to ads showing in the Search tab of the App Store. Now, Apple plans to introduce ads on two more tabs, showing sponsored apps and services there. Get ready to see more ads on both the Today tab and individual app pages. Or to, well, advertise your own apps where it will be the most appropriate.

If you open your App Store now and go to the Search tab, you won’t have to enter anything to see recommended apps. The first one of them will be highlighted in blue; this one is an ad. There may be more of them as you enter some search words, and the app returns the results. The advertised apps are usually relevant to your search, though not always.

Now, on the Today screen, the ads will be even easier to tell. They will appear as larger cards and will be marked as such, so you know someone has paid to see this app pop up on your device. Under the name, there will be a small blue box saying “Ad”. When it comes to individual app pages, the ads will appear in the “You might also like…” section. These advertised apps will be highlighted in blue color, like they are now in the Search tab, and appear at the bottom of the app page.

Of course, the ads appearing in your instance of the App Store will be as relevant as possible to your searches, your general preferences, and the apps on the pages on which they appear. Also, Apple insists that only the approved apps can be advertised on App Store. More than that: the developers that advertise their apps will not be able to choose which app pages their products will be shown on.

The new advertising will soon enter the testing phase. So far, we didn’t notice these new ads in our App Store. But by the moment you’re reading this, it may change. If you already see these banners on app pages and in the Today tab, tell us what you think about them and how relevant they look. Thank you for your comments!